Ducted Vacuum Blockage

A Ducted Vacuum System is built to work hard for you.

Carpet, Rugs, Tiles, Floor Boards, Upholstery, Drapes and Much more….

It could be at home, work, office, retail store or garage. Whatever you use it for, you could end up with blocked pipes. Hairclips, paperclips, toothpicks, wires or pen lids are all common reasons why your Ducted Vacuum pipes could be blocked. Your Ducted Vacuum pipe works could be very complex and difficult to locate exactly where the blockage is. We use pipe camera to locate the blockage which then allows us to remove it. In no time your system will be unblocked and ready to go..

All our work is GUARANTEED and we are fully insured.

We work on all makes & models like Aussie Vac, Bruker, Star Vac, Electron/EVS, Valet, Vacu Maid, Premier Clean, Astro Vac and more.

To Unblock Your Ducted Vacuum Give us a Call on 0490 072 844