Your frequently asked questions answered!

What skills and tools are required to install a ducted vacuum system?
None! If you can follow instructions then you can install a ducted vacuum system. We have put over 40 years of knowledge into easy to follow instructions that allow anyone to install a ducted vacuum system.

Does Ducted Vac Service install ducted vacuum systems?
Yes. Our Technicians are available

Is a ducted vacuum system a good option for people with allergies or asthma?
Yes. High quality ducted vacuum systems are designed to remove 100 per cent of dust, bacteria and allergen particles from a room. A normal vacuum cleaner simply can’t do this. By installing a ducted vacuum system, you can greatly improve the symptoms of allergies or asthma.

How often do I need to change a ducted vacuum cleaner bag?
This depends on the type of system, the size of the house and the frequency of vacuuming. On average, one bag should last 6 to 12 months.

Can Ducted Vac Service Repair or Service & Maintain my ducted vacuum system?
Absolutely! we have strong technical knowledge and many years’ experience in Repairs and Servicing. We come to you.

How often should I have my ducted vacuum system serviced
To keep your ducted vacuum system operating at its optimum we recommend a service every 12 months. Depending on your usage sometimes it may just need a simple clean out or a complete check over. We come to you.

How expensive are ducted vacuum systems?
There is a misconception that ducted vacuum systems are very expensive and cost the same as ducted heating. This is simply not the case. The good news is that the price is comparable to high quality portable vacuum cleaners. The even better news is that they last a lot longer.

Do blockages occur often?
Blockages occur infrequently because of the large size of the hose in a ducted vacuum system. When they do occur, it is normally small objects that get lodged in a bend of the system. These can be easily fixed and removed.

How much stronger are ducted vacuum systems compared to portable vacuums?
A lot! The motor of a ducted vacuum system is more robust as they are not designed to be portable. You get a stronger, longer lasting system that requires minimal repairs and servicing.

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